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"While Your in My Care your total relaxed, well-being is my goal!"

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To the best, most relaxing massage experience you'll ever enjoy!  NEW Location at 814 Warne St. in beautiful Prescott, AZ.

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Your peace and comfort are our primary concern.

Tranquil and Peaceful Surrounds

Provides a quiet refuge from the world outside. 

Deborah Ogden,  RN, LMT

Specializing in "Ashiatsu" a unique, deep massage technique, which helps relieve stress and tension and restores balance to both mind and spirit.

Deborah Ogden,  RN, LMT

Specializing in "Ashiatsu" a unique, deep massage technique, which helps relieve stress and tension and restores balance to both mind and spirit.


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Testimonials from Happy Clients!

 Well, I just don't know how to say that I loved being 'walked all over' by you! You see, according to The Free Dictionary, being walked all over is an idiom that generally implies being treated badly. So, when you talked to me just prior to my massage about how you use your feet in the massage process, I wasn't sure what to think. You said you would literally be walking on me. You showed me your feet and told me how you prepare them to behygienically clean, etc. But, surprise!  It wasn't until my massage was complete and I turned upon my back that I saw the 'ladder' of handrails above the massage table, attached to the ceiling. It was at that moment that I knew for certain that I had been walked all over! I thank you so much for the quality of massage you provided. Also, what a treat the discover that your massage business was just a 2-minute walk from the Prescott Pines Inn.   

 Rebecca Chappell Sierra Vista, Arizona  DATE; December 8, 2016  

I usually don't write reviews but felt compelled to write in appreciation for the excellent massage. It was totally relaxing and offered much needed stress relief. It was just what my wife and I needed to top off a couple of days spent driving. We hated to leave but certainly now know where to go when we head back there this coming summer. Thanks again and we will see you then. 

  Rod Chappell Sierra Vista, Arizona   DATE; December 8, 2016  

"The things which impressed me about Deb Ogden’s massages ( I was fortunate to have two) was that she zeroed in on the most needed areas and not just with her hands.  She hangs from the ceiling and mostly uses her feet!

 - Bliss Knight - Prescott, AZ

TO:  Whom It May Concern  FROM:  Bud Beshers This letter is to recommend Debbie Ogden, RN, Licensed Massage Therapist, as a wonderful massage therapist!  Debbie is magic with her hands and understands the body well.  She is also very knowledgeable of the techniques that work to best heal, relax, comfort and invigorate my body. I am a bicyclist, golfer and love walking. I am amazed that through massage, Debbie is able to help me better understand my body mechanics while exercising.  It is mind boggling that she can tell me how I exercise by just feeling my muscles.  I also consider massage a necessary luxury for me as it is an effective tool for managing stress.  Her hour and a half massage helps decrease anxiety, enhances my sleep quality and reduces my fatigue.  I find that with the increased circulation, her massage gives me greater energy and improves my concentration. Thank you Debbie for your healing hands and I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of massage!

Sincerely, Bud Beshers,  - Crystal Creek Homes Inc. - Prescott, AZ,   DATE:  September 10, 2012

"My first experience at Quiet Mind And Body was truley that, quite an experience. The first thing that greeted me was the subdued lighting and calming music. The art work and candel lights make you feel relaxed almost instantly.  The massage itself is so much more than just that. With the hot stones, foot scrub and hot towels you are truley being pampered. I found I left my cares outside and let my mind empty of all but the quiet serenity of the experience. I left feeling renewed, relaxed, serene and determined to make this something I will allow myself on a routine basis.   Deborah is  truley an artist at what she does and very dedicated at her profession. She  has a personality that makes you feel as if you have know her for years. "

- Sandra Ahart - Prescott, AZ

"I love Debbie's Ashiatsu massage! Debbie takes the time to ask what I need and customizes the massage for me.  I love a good relaxing massage and my husband is a deep-tissue therapeutic guy. Debbie gives us both great massages every time."

- Sandra Speta  - Prescott, AZ

The Signature Massage! with Deb Ogden: Such a lovely massage with so many nice touches. Deb is a skilled professional and her feet technique (Ashiastu) is amazing! I never felt such a release in my shoulders and back. I recommend her wholeheartedly...as she says in her video, "You will be back!. Thanks Deb!!!!

- Terri New - Prescott, AZ


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